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Document with Pen

I deliver engaging copy and content to grow your brand, captivate your readers, and sell your products and services.

This includes: 

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Press releases

  • Product descriptions

  • White papers

  • Web copy

  • And more!

Subject matter expertise: 

  • Self-help, personal development, and self-education 

  • Education, training, and careers

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Home and garden

  • Pets and animals

  • New Age and spirituality

  • Business and entrepreneurship


Book Signing

More than ever before, writing a book is a key part of establishing a professional brand and industry authority. I have ghostwritten non-fiction books for clients in a variety of industries. I offer surprisingly affordable rates with top-notch expertise, so contact me today!

Subject matter expertise: 

  • Self-help and personal development

  • Self-education 

  • Education, training, and careers

  • Lifestyle, self-care, and wellness 

  • Travel

  • Pets and animals

  • New Age and spirituality

Editing & Proofreading

Open Book

I edit and proofread all kinds of copy, content, and books. Your book or e-book is key to your brand. I provide the professional proofreading and editing you need. 

Proofreading: Punctuation, spelling, and grammar

Copyediting: Sentence structure, clarity, and style

Substantive (Developmental) Editing: Content suggestions and changes, organization and structure, messaging and framing 

Are you a clean Regency fiction (for example, Jane Austen variation) writer? Please visit my Regency Fiction Editing page.

Writing and Content Consulting

Stack of Magazines

I provide consulting services for writers and content marketers. 

Confident Writer Coaching


My Confident Writer Coaching services develop and improve your writing skills. Let me help you boost your confidence as you plan and write your book or shorter pieces. Coaching and consulting services have an hourly fee structure, so you can try one hour or  plan on many.  

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