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Praise from Dr. 1Dreah Pennington, Make Your Mark Global

"Samantha's proficiency in proofreading and editing has not just met but exceeded my expectations on numerous occasions, enhancing the readability and engaging appeal of each story she meticulously examines.

Samantha possesses a unique talent for grasping the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of a diverse range of writing styles. She has been responsible for proofreading the works of a variety of authors, many of whom are nonnative English speakers, and it is here where her skills truly shine.


Samantha exhibits exceptional sensitivity and understanding, maintaining the unique voice and style of each author while ensuring perfect clarity and accuracy in the language.

There is an inherent respect and appreciation for the individuality of each author's voice in Samantha's work. She thoughtfully navigates the sometimes delicate balance of making necessary corrections and preserving the original tone and spirit of the writing.

Samantha’s attention to detail and her strong commitment to preserving the integrity of the author's voice have made her an invaluable contributor to our anthology series.

Moreover, her communication skills are unparalleled. Every interaction with Samantha has been professional and constructive, making each project a smooth and hassle-free experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Samantha Lord for her exceptional proofreading and editing services. Her thoughtful approach, professionalism, and dedication are second to none, making her a highly trusted and valued collaborator in any literary project."

Praise from Joe Hessert, Propel Web Content 


"During her work as a Sr. Copywriter at Propel Web Content Samantha completed independent research, synthesized information, and crafted original, engaging blog articles which answered questions, explained processes, and shared valuable information with the reader. Her articles on lawn care, water sports, agriculture, wildlife, business, travel, and technology showcase her versatility.

Her professionalism, skill, and unique ability to write with authority on a range of topics are qualities that have set Samantha apart from other writers on my team.

I’ve grown to trust Samantha to write some of my most important assignments. I have never been disappointed with her work.

More recently, Samantha has grown into the role of Editor on my team. In this role, Samantha edits work written by other team members in WordPress.


She conducts independent research
and fact-checks articles, improves the structure, organization, and readability of each blog post, and completes basic SEO optimization to prepare each article for publication.

With Samantha, I know that each blog post she is assigned will be free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and adhere to our article form and structural guidelines.

It is easy to recommend Samantha for a role in which writing and/or editing is a key responsibility.

Hiring her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I’m certain it will be for yours as well."

Praise from Bertie at Green Raven Limited (United Kingdom) 

"Absolutely first class. Samantha got me to think about my project and exactly what I wanted in a way I had not expected, with the result that she produced for me exactly what I wanted as if she read my mind! Very good to work with Samantha and will do so again." 

Praise from

"Very professional and delivered exactly what I expected. Did I mention that she's an exceptional writer? Thanks for a great job."

Praise from Ashley Harris, The Starlet Studio

"Thank you so much Samantha! I appreciate you taking this job and not only meeting my super last minute deadline, but coming in way ahead of schedule. Thank you so much for working with me. I absolutely LOVE your writing style and hope we get more opportunities to collaborate together. You truly do have a way with words. If I could give you 100 stars, I would. You are so professional and easy to work with, and prompt with your replies. Truly makes it a breeze to work together. xx"


-- Ashley Harris, The Starlet Studio

More Praise from Andrea Pennington at Make Your Mark Global

"Samantha did an excellent job proofreading our book in UK English. She provided helpful feedback and questions for the author and delivered earlier than expected. I look forward to working with Samantha again on future book projects."


-- Andrea Pennington, Make Your Mark Global 

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